Refer A Friend


You may not be aware of this, but at CrossFit Ocean Springs, we don't do much conventional advertising. We're mostly found out by word-of-mouth. And we like it that way. We like our community. We know you'll tell people that will fit in well at CrossFit Ocean Springs. People that are nice, encouraging to each other and strive to get better everyday. I know you don't require that we give you something for spreading the word, but we want to give you a small gift for referring a friend. As a thank you, you'll get 50% off your next month's membership for each friend you refer who decides to become a member. To make that deal extra sweet, we'd also like to give you the ability to offer 50% off the first month's membership to give to your friend. To refer a friend, simply fill out this form and we'll reach out to them on your behalf.