Neighborhood WOD Party

Neighborhood WOD Party

We are facilitators, educators and business owners that are driven to use our talents to help other like-minded people achieve their aspirations.
As CrossFitters and Affiliate owners we get to interact with some of the most amazing people that our local communities have to offer and every time we travel to a competition we get to meet even more amazing people. This got us to thinking about how truly valuable or communities are and what a huge opportunity there is in bringing them together.
NeighborhoodWODParty is a community outreach platform that is dedicated to bringing talented people together through the sport of fitness and the fun of friendly competition. Our mission is to build a platform where bonds can be formed, introductions can be made and communities can be blessed.

Where it All Began

The Party began in southern Mississippi when CrossFit Ocean Springs started a local event that brought Boxes from all over the state together to participate in the same WOD across the community. The athletes were able to do the workout in the comfort of their home Box, with a central scoring system. The goal of this project was to bring Boxes together and put faces and names to the other CrossFitters in our area. The NeighborhoodWODParty is born.

Mississippi Boxes jumped at the chance to play each month and are the inspiration for the current NeighborhoodWODParty platform. With our ability to reach so many talented people and have a finger on the pulse of our community’s needs, we recognized an opportunity to provide impactful support for those needs. This goal is driven by our WOD for GOD submission program that encourages our members to submit requests for outreach. They can request support for anything from massive projects like building programs for their local community, down to help for a single person in need. These requests fuel our philanthropic arm and allow us to be facilitators, bringing these requests and the talented members of our community together. It’s about getting the right people in contact with one another; allowing great things to happen.

How the Game is Played

Each month all participating Boxes come together and publish a unified WOD as the work of the day. This allows all affiliates and athletes to compete from the comfort of their home Box and on their normal schedule. The WOD is centrally scored and allows the participants to see where they stack up in their neighborhood. It’s that simple! Don’t miss another party, fill out the form and we will contact you ASAP.

Badass of the month goes to:

The fittest (Male/Female) for each division.


Team NWODPartiers of the month goes to:

The Box with the highest participation points.

(1 pt for each participating athlete)

- Team Ocean Springs

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