Join the Action in Downtown Ocean Springs!

Encouragement. Inspiration. Results.

Finally, you've come to the place where you'll get fit for a lifetime. We're a gym (in CrossFit lingo, we call it a "box") that meets you at your current fitness level. That means we offer plans for both beginners and those already living an active lifestyle. Our proven method of exercise and nutrition will ensure your success. The welcoming and encouraging community of members will keep you motivated and encouraged.

Every time you walk in the gym, you'll have a coach showing you exactly what to do. You'll train with a small group of other people. Our community of members are great at supporting and encouraging each other - especially new people. You'll never feel left behind or like you're holding the others back.

If you're willing to train an hour a day, at least 3 days a week (come more if you'd like!) and generally follow the nutrition we'll teach you, you're going to see amazing results. You can expect to lose fat, gain lean muscle, increase strength, boost your energy and increase your daily productivity level.

People join to get fit, they stay for all the other improvements in their life.

Fitness is not about being better than someone else, it's about being better than you used to be.

Imagine what your fitness could be like in 90 days if you start today. Don't take our word for it. Try a free session!

Our Facility

Located right in the heart of Ocean Springs, you'll find our gym is as fun and energetic as the other downtown festivals, great food and nightlife. At 3,000 square feet, our gym is just the right size to create an environment that leaves you feeling motivated and inspired. It's not so big you get lost, and it's big enough to have your personal space and do your thing.

  • I wanted to do something other than just running and lifting weights. When I started I found good people at the Box that had to start somewhere like I did. The coaches knowledge of what makes the body stronger and more healthy is more than I will ever know. Not just with the physical aspect but also the mental and dietary aspects. They always know when to give me that little push I need or tip to improve myself. The facility is just what I need. This has been a lifestyle change for me. A change that has improved many other aspects of my life.